Surgical Aural Atresia Repair & Other Treatment Options

CT scan of brainThere is a surgical procedure that involves making an ear canal and an ear drum called an atresia repair or canalplasty. It may be done before or in combination with MEDPOR® surgery, but not chest cartilage reconstruction. 

Not all children will benefit from this surgery. A CT scan of the middle ear will help to determine if your child can have improved hearing from this surgery. Since the middle bones are not as visible early in life, your child should be at least 2 ½ years old before undergoing a CT scan.


There are several options for patients with this conductive hearing loss.

  1. Soft band BAHA — a small processor can be attached to a band worn around the head that receives sound and transmits it to the middle ear bones, creating a sound wave to the brain. This can be worn as soon as the baby is born.
  2. BAHA — Bone Anchored Hearing Aid — the processor, in this case, can be clipped on to a surgically attached post on the skull. This requires the child to be at least 5 years old, or when there is ample skull thickness to place the post. 
  3. Vibrant Sound Bridge — another implantable hearing device that uses an external processor fixed to the skull and transmits sound directly to the middle ear bones.

Young boy with microtia  Various stages of surgical aural atresia repair

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