Little boy before and after microtia treatment

Microtia Treatment

Microtia is a congenital deformity of the ear that can affect your self-esteem and ability to hear.

Dr. John Reinisch in Beverly Hills, CA, is a leading ear-reconstruction surgeon who pioneered the revolutionary MEDPOR® technique.

If you or your child requires advanced reconstructive surgery to attain a functional, natural-looking ear, we can help.

What Is Microtia? And How Microtia Surgery Can Help

Microtia is a rare, hereditary condition that affects approximately one in every 8,000-10,000 babies born in the U.S. It causes small, improperly formed ears that may lead to low self-esteem, hearing loss, and speech issues.

Realizing your child has microtia can be confusing. Many parents wrongly feel guilty, as if they caused their child's congenital deformity. This condition is not your fault and can be corrected by our Beverly Hills microtia surgeon's office

Microtia surgery is designed to address both external ear deformity and inner ear canal deficiency. By using a patient’s own tissue, Dr. Reinisch can create a new ear structure. He also works with a top otologist, who can surgically create or correct the ear canal to improve hearing.

Microtia Treatment Provides Major Benefits

Improved Self-Confidence

Dr. John Reinisch offers a range of ear reconstruction options at our Beverly Hills office that can create a natural-looking result for microtia patients, achieving facial balance and allowing them to feel more confident about their appearance.

Better Hearing

Dr. Reinisch can collaborate with a top otologist during treatment to create or correct an ear canal, which can dramatically improve hearing and allow your child to develop more natural speech patterns.

See Our Microtia Results And Speak to Our Team

The majority of our plastic surgeon's microtia patients come from overseas. To date, Dr. Reinisch has performed surgery for more than 20,000 children from around the globe. Our globally renowned surgical team speaks English, Spanish, Mandarin, Italian, Russian, and Hungarian.

The adjacent photos show a young Dutch boy before coming to our Beverly Hills office and two years after treatment. His parents brought him all the way from the Netherlands to receive microtia surgery from our plastic surgeon. Call or write to receive the same stellar treatment. You can also visit our photo gallery for more before-and-after cases.

Before and After

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I felt really comfortable with all the information I received from him and very informed. I look forward to working with him and have him give my husband and myself a huge smile.

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Our Microtia Treatment Options MEDPOR Ear Reconstruction

Upon recognizing the limitations of the rib cartilage reconstruction option, Dr. Reinisch created the revolutionary MEDPOR® ear reconstruction technique in 1991. It is now recognized as the most advanced, proven surgical treatment for microtia.
Side view of a 5 year old Chinese boy before and after single Medpor Surgery
This 5-year-old Chinese boy underwent a single MEDPOR surgery.
Same boy two years after single Medpor Surgery
These astonishing results show him two years after the procedure.
During this surgery, Dr. Reinisch creates an ear framework that matches a patient’s healthy ear. After attaching the structure, he covers it with the patient’s own tissue, and the cells and blood vessels integrate with porous, biocompatible polyethylene. 

The MEDPOR technique typically requires just one surgery, results in minimal scarring, and can be performed on patients as young as three years old. This means patients can have enhanced hearing at a younger age, leading to more advanced speech and language recognition.

Aural Atresia Repair We Are the Only Practice Combining 2 Necessary Surgeries

Medpor® ear implant

Aural atresia is a congenital condition that inhibits inner ear development. In some cases, the inner ear is missing entirely. Reinisch Plastic Surgery is the only practice that combines aural atresia repair and microtia treatment into a single outpatient surgery. In collaboration with an otologist, our surgeon can actually rebuild the inner ear, restoring near-complete hearing. 

If your child suffers from aural atresia, he or she may be a candidate for ear canal reconstruction as long as they are over 2.5 years of age. During surgery, a trusted otologist will perform ear canal reconstruction, also known as canaloplasty, to address hearing loss. Dr. Reinisch will perform the craniofacial cosmetic aspects of the procedure, typically using a polyethylene MEDPOR implant to create an outer ear framework.

Aural Atresia Treatments 


Although surgical repair is the preferred treatment for aural atresia, not all microtia patients will benefit from this procedure. Dr. Reinisch offers bone-anchored hearing devices and a vibrant sound bridge middle ear implant. While these implants cannot restore hearing as successfully, they can improve auditory processing and language development. 

We Repair and Replace Ear Canals With Inner Ear Reconstruction

Many microtia patients have a narrow or missing ear canal. Together with an otologist, Dr. Reinisch can perform a computed tomography (CT) scan to examine the tiny bones inside the inner ear.

If they are not fused together, a patient may be suitable for middle and inner ear reconstruction. During the procedure, an otologist will surgically create a new ear canal before fabricating an eardrum using the patient’s own skin. This procedure can be performed before or during MEDPOR surgery.

4-year-old girl before and after bilateral microtia right side
4-year-old girl before and after bilateral microtia left side
These images show a 4-year-old girl before treatment and three years after bilateral microtia surgery with ear canal reconstruction.

Rib Cartilage Ear Reconstruction

Reconstruction using chest cartilage is the older, more traditional method of reconstruction. While Dr. Reinisch does not prefer this cartilage technique, he may recommend it in certain cases.

This procedure requires harvesting a portion of three ribs from the chest to make the ear shape. Removing this cartilage from the chest can be quite painful and requires the patient to be hospitalized.

Surgery using this technique is typically delayed until patients are 8-10 years of age. The reason it is delayed is in order to obtain sufficient cartilage to make the ear framework. This procedure cannot be done in younger children without causing a chest deformity.

A Silicone Prosthetic Ear Can Be Provided for Unsuitable Surgery Candidates

Patients who do not qualify for MEDPOR or rib cartilage ear reconstruction may choose to enhance their appearance with a silicone prosthetic ear. Although Dr. Reinisch does not create restorations, he can help determine your candidacy, answer any questions you have, and refer you to an outstanding craniofacial expert who can craft this synthetic external ear.

Recovery Following Microtia Treatment

Recovery from ear reconstruction is relatively short but needs to be handled carefully. We take the care we provide to our patients very seriously. We prescribe medications to minimize discomfort and prevent infection, as well as provide all resources necessary for a full recovery. 

Our Beverly Hills office stays in close contact throughout the recovery process.
Our Beverly Hills office stays in close contact throughout the recovery process.

Day 1

Our doctors equip microtia patients with compression garments to wear for the first 24 hours following surgery. Younger patients require constant supervision to ensure the surgical area remains undisturbed. Patients will need a lot of rest, but it is crucial that they do not sleep on their treated ear. 

Days 2 & 3

For the next two days, patients will need to wear a special headband over their ears, but they should expect to see a significant reduction in swelling. During this critical time, bleeding and pain should subside as well. 

Ongoing Recovery

Patients can return to school and other routines about one week after surgery, with doctor approval. Supervision will still be important for younger patients during this time, and parents should discourage rough and strenuous activities that could displace the ear. 

When Are the Final Results Apparent?

A microtia patient may not see permanent results until three months later, when swelling should subside entirely.

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Great experience! I'm a worry wart of a mother and the team always responded to my numerous questions in a timely fashion that I was happy with! The zoom calls with Reinisch were very easy to schedule and he always left us feeling comfortable and confident in our decision to choose him for our son's surgery.

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We had a fantastic experience with Dr. Reinisch and his office. All our contacts have been positive and professional. Our initial consultation, held online due to distance, was very thorough and informative. We had all our questions addressed and came away with an action plan, excited to begin our next part of the journey in partnership with a great team!

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Dr. John Reinisch, MD

Reinisch Plastic Surgery

  • Exceptionally well-qualified
  • Graduate of Harvard Medical School
  • Board-certification in plastic surgery 
  • Created the MEDPOR® technique in 1991
  • Has successfully treated over 20,000 children 

Patients come from across the country and around the world to benefit from his expert care. To schedule your consultation, contact our office online or call us at (833) 896-3277

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