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World’s Most Experienced Microtia Surgeon
Creator Of The MEDPOR Technique - 1991
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combining skill & compassion

Dr. John Reinisch is a world-renowned microtia surgeon based in the Beverly Hills area of Los Angeles, CA. He created the innovative MEDPOR® reconstruction technique in 1991, which offers many benefits to children and their families:

  • One surgery
  • Performed before child enters school (ages 3 years & up)
  • Little to no pain
  • Combined ear & canal in one procedure

Dr. Reinisch also corrects the disappointing results of previous ear reconstruction surgeries. His patients and other physicians come from around the world to benefit from his skill, advanced techniques, and compassion.

Dr. Reinisch and a French patient
Dr. Reinisch and a French patient


what you should know

Parents should know that Microtia is not caused by the mother or during pregnancy. Children will have normal speech development.

Our Recommendations:

  1. Rule out a syndrome
  2. Confirm hearing in your child’s normal ear
  3. Consider a bone conduction hearing aid before 6 months of age
  4. Avoid X-Rays & scans before child is 2.5 years old
  5. Microtia is not associated with kidney disease or any other chronic diseases
  6. Attend a Parent Microtia Conference
Parents with young girl and boy

Video - A Family’s Experience with Dr. Reinisch

Many international families visit our office in Beverly Hills, CA. We understand that any surgery can cause anxiety, let alone when visiting from abroad to undergo surgical treatment. Our team helps guide families, children and adults through the process to make it as  comfortable as possible. Please click on the video above to see the story of one families experience.

Dr. John Reinisch

a leader in the surgical field

  • Harvard Medical School Trained
  • Professor of Surgery Keck Medical School at The University of Southern California
  • Director of Craniofacial and Pediatric Plastic Surgery for Cedars-Sinai Medical Group in Los Angeles
  • Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
  • World’s most experienced microtia surgeon
  • Trained over 200 surgeons from 25 countries
  • Seen & treated over 4,000 Microtia Patients
  • Visiting Professor 2017 - 2019 - Harvard, Stanford, Utrecht, Tel Aviv & Sydney
  • Author of Modern Microtia Textbook - Springer 2019
Dr. Reinisch and a patient and medical logos

Vane A.

March 7, 2019

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Dr. Reinisch reconstructed my daughter’a ears last year. You can hardly notice she had Microtia. Wonderful job, wonderful care, exceptional human being.

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Gina K.

August 25, 2014

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The most amazing Doctor!!Our family was blessed to have Dr. Reinisch build our son Liam a new ear. It is so amazing how accurately he matched our sons ears and how amazing the outcome has been. I highly recommend Dr. Reinisch for the best ear reconstruction doctor in North America.

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helping thousands of patients

Dr. John Reinisch offers children and adults the latest surgical innovations to correct microtia. Our expert surgeon is world renowned for developing the MEDPOR implant procedure, which allows children too young to qualify for traditional rib cartilage reconstruction surgery to experience the life changing benefits of treatment. Dr. Reinisch is the only doctor who combines aural atresia repair and microtia treatment into a single outpatient surgery. 

Treating patients from all over the world from his medical practice in Southern California, Dr. Reinisch has helped thousands of patients through his treatment of microtia, aural atresia, traumatic deformity reconstruction and revision of unsatisfactory surgeries. Our office staff strives to provide carefree assistance to national and international patients interested in coordinating their surgical operation at our office in Beverly Hills, CA.

To learn more about how the team of medical professionals at Reinisch Plastic Surgery can help you or your child, contact our office in Beverly Hills CA, online or call: (310) 385-6090

Dr. Reinisch with a smiling child
Dr. Reinisch has helped thousands of children.

MICROTIA TREATMENT benefits your child

While the physical limitations of leaving microtia untreated are obvious, the psychological effects a child faces as they grow can have a significant impact on both their confidence and their self-esteem. By addressing microtia early with surgical treatment allows a child to improve their hearing ability, which in turn allows them to develop more natural speech patterns. The earlier a child receives treatment, the lower the impact of microtia will have on their development. This can allowing them to enjoy their childhood free of any negative effects that my arise directly or indirectly from microtia.

Dr. Reinisch is the premier global microtia surgeon. He has successfully provided thousands of patients with natural-looking results with his innovative ear reconstruction techniques. Thousands of children have benefited from growing up with two functional ears. With the help of our surgeon and his staff of friendly medical professionals, Dr. Reinisch can help your child can live a full and healthy life.

He Did an Amazing Job!

"The doctor reconstructed my daughter's ear (she had a grade 3 Microtia). We are so grateful with him and his team.
He did an Amazing Job!"
Luis Gerardo Duran - 5 Star Review on Google

HONORS FOR Dr. Reinisch 2014 - 2020

International & Domestic Awards

• American Association of Plastic Surgeons

• European Association of Plastic Surgeons

• Delta Society of Ear Noise & Throat Specialists - Egypt

• American Association of Pediatric Plastic Surgeons

• American Society of Craniofacial Surgeons

AURAL ATRESIA missing or malformed ear canal

Children affected by microtia often times also have aural atresia, which results in a narrow or missing ear canal. Our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. John Reinisch, MD, together with a highly trained ear, nose, and throat (ENT) physician, can perform a CT scan to determine if your child may be suitable for middle and inner ear reconstruction surgery. Combining the most advanced surgical techniques with tthe professional collaboration of an expert ENT physician, Dr. Reinisch has improved the lives of thousands of children from around the globe.

Whether you and your child are local to the California area, visiting from within the United States, or visiting us from another country, the friendly staff at our Beverly Hills, CA, office are here to assist you. We can coordinate with your physician, as well as provide referrals to expert physicians in the Los Angeles area to ensure treatment proceeds smoothly. 

Dr. John Reinisch, MD

Reinisch Plastic Surgery

  • Exceptionally well-qualified
  • Graduate of Harvard Medical School
  • Board-certification in plastic surgery 
  • Created the MEDPOR® technique in 1991
  • Has successfully treated over 20,000 children 

Patients come from across the country and around the world to benefit from his expert care. To schedule your consultation, contact our office online or call us at (310) 385-6090. Spanish speakers contact Lilian Chavez & for any surgical scheduling questions. For Mandarin speakers please contact Michelle Yang

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