Ear Reconstruction for Children and Adults

We most commonly perform ear reconstructions for children born with microtia, but we also perform many ear reconstructions on adults who have had previous surgery with poor results and otoplasties for common issues such as prominent ears, ear injuries, or other ear deformities.

We can place a bone conduction hearing device, such as the Osia® 2, at the same time as the ear reconstruction to improve hearing.

Reinisch Plastic Surgery serves patients from all over the world in Los Angeles, CA. We offer in-person and virtual consultations in any language.

Care in Your Native Language So nothing gets lost in translation

We want you to understand every part of your or your child's care plan, so the team at our Beverly Hills microtia surgeon's office speaks multiple languages. We do everything we can to assist families from all over the world and can complete an in-person or virtual consultation in any language. Three-quarters of our patients are from outside the U.S., a glowing testament to our skill and reputation.

Ear Reconstruction for Adults

If you're an adult who has undergone ear surgery, but the results aren't what you wanted, Dr. Reinisch can perform a secondary ear reconstruction surgery. This surgery can correct an over-corrected ear, an off-center ear, and more.

Dr. Reinisch also performs otoplasty, a surgery that can alter the position, shape, or size of the ear in cases of prominent ears, ear injuries, or other ear deformities.

A Real Patient Transformation

Dr. John Reinisch's patient, a girl before and after ear surgery
Reinisch Plastic Surgery mostly performs ear reconstruction surgery on children born with microtia. This 9-year-old girl had microtia that affected her right ear. Dr. John Reinisch performed a single surgery to reconstruct her ear. Just four months later, she has a completely natural-looking ear.

Ear Surgery Can Transform Lives Get started by requesting a consultation

The team at Reinisch Plastic Surgery has seen firsthand how ear surgery can improve a child's or adult's self-confidence and overall quality of life. We want that for you or your child, too. Though we specialize in reconstructing ears for children with microtia, there are a range of scenarios in which you or your child may need ear reconstruction, and we're prepared to address them.

If you're coming to our Beverly Hills, CA, office from far away or you simply don't want to deal with the hassle of Los Angeles traffic, we offer virtual consultations so you can determine if we're the right practice for you from the comfort of your home. To get started, reach out to our Beverly Hills plastic surgery office. You can fill out our form or call us at:

(833) 896-3277

Parents Trust Our Surgical Team

"We had a fantastic experience with Dr. Reinisch and his office. All our contacts have been positive and professional. Our initial consultation, held online due to distance, was very thorough and informative. We had all our questions addressed and came away with an action plan, excited to begin our next part of the journey in partnership with a great team!" C. Joseph

Why Patients All Over the World Choose our team

Patients turn to us for microtia correction and other reconstructive procedures. Our Beverly Hills office in Los Angeles is a prime choice because Dr. Reinisch:

Has Experience

Dr. Reinisch is a Harvard Medical School-trained plastic surgeon who began practicing in the field in 1983. He is board certified and has treated over 20,000 pediatric patients from all over the world, 4,000 of whom were microtia patients. 

Has Shaped the Field

Dr. Reinisch has shaped the field of pediatric reconstructive surgery by guiding students, teaching surgeons, and authoring medical materials. He is the Professor of Surgery at Keck Medical School at The University of Southern California, has trained over 200 surgeons from 25 countries, and has written the Modern Microtia Reconstruction textbook and over 100 scientific papers.

Is Affiliated With Prominent Organizations

Dr. Reinisch is associated with organizations such as the American Board of Plastic Surgery, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, and the American Association of Pediatric Plastic Surgeons. To become a member of these organizations, plastic surgeons must undergo an application process that involves requirements like passing oral and written examinations, committing to continuing education, and adhering to strict ethical standards.

We Help Make Treatment Affordable

Our team wants ear surgery to be accessible to everyone, so we do everything we can to make treatment affordable. Our team will work with your insurance provider to secure the most coverage possible. If you don't have medical insurance or you have out-of-pocket expenses, our Beverly Hills office accepts financing through CareCredit®, so you can break up the cost into affordable monthly payments. In certain cases, we may be able to help you through the non-profit Small Wonders Foundation.

If you're looking for a more cost-friendly option, we may recommend the MEDPOR® reconstructive technique as it requires fewer surgeries than the alternative, and can therefore be less expensive.

Methods for Reconstructing Ears

Rib Cartilage Technique

Dr. Reinisch can use a child's own rib cartilage to build a framework for the ear. Using a child's cartilage requires two to five surgeries and the child must be at least 8-10 years old before they can begin the surgical process.

Explore the Rib Cartilage Technique

MEDPOR Technique

In 1991, Dr. Reinisch developed the MEDPOR reconstruction technique, an alternative to reconstruction using cartilage. This surgery uses an implant and results in little to no pain. A single surgery can correct the outer ear and the ear canal before the child enters school and it often has a better cosmetic outcome than the cartilage technique. This is a popular option for many people.

Explore the MEDPOR Technique

Reconstruction Using the MEDPOR Technique

Whether your child has microtia or you're an adult patient with another ear concern, the MEDPOR technique is a prime option for ear surgery. This reconstruction technique reshapes the ear in one surgery that lasts a few hours. If your child is undergoing surgery, our team will contact you every 90 minutes to keep you updated on their progress. The surgery involves several steps:
The MEDPOR technique can help children as young as three years old achieve a normal appearance after an injury, microtia, or a congenital ear defect.
The MEDPOR technique can help children as young as three years old achieve a normal appearance after an injury, microtia, or a congenital ear defect.


Before ear surgery, Dr. Reinisch will create a framework using microporous high-density polyethylene instead of cartilage. He will design a framework that matches the patient's other ear in terms of shape and projection. A child's new ear may be larger so it will match their other ear once they're an adult.


The patient will be made comfortable with general anesthesia. Dr. Reinisch works alongside several anesthesiologists and pediatric anesthesiologists for optimal patient safety.


Dr. Reinisch will place the MEDPOR implant. The implant won't protrude and require pinning surgery in the future. He will cover the implant with a skin graft from below the patient's scalp. Dr. Reinisch works carefully to minimize visible scarring.

Hearing Device

At this time, Dr. Reinisch can place a bone conduction hearing device to improve hearing. He often uses the Cochlear™ Osia 2 Sound Processor because it's a discreet option that's light and comfortable to wear.


Dr. Reinisch will place a silicone cover over the external ear to protect it and encourage the skin to contour to the implant.


The patient will have to attend two follow-up appointments with Dr. Reinisch to ensure they're healing properly. The first will be two days after surgery and the second will be two weeks after surgery.


The microporous high-density polyethylene is biocompatible and designed so the patient's blood vessels and skin will integrate with the implant over time. The result is a new external ear that looks and acts natural.

Getting Results for Microtia Patients

"Dr Reinicsh gives a good explanation about microtia. He is so expert about this (abt 30 years). My son will be happy to get new ear through his help." Sylvi Yuliani
Dr. John Reinisch, MD

Reinisch Plastic Surgery

  • Exceptionally well-qualified
  • Graduate of Harvard Medical School
  • Board-certification in plastic surgery 
  • Created the MEDPOR® technique in 1991
  • Has successfully treated over 20,000 children 

Patients come from across the country and around the world to benefit from his expert care. To schedule your consultation, contact our office online or call us at (833) 896-3277

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