Can I Improve the Appearance of an Old Childhood Microtia Procedure? By Dr. John Reinisch on June 13, 2024

satisfied revision microtia surgery patientMicrotia is a malformation of the outer ear that affects approximately one in every 5,000 to 8,000 births. Microtia causes the ear to appear small or misshapen. In some cases, microtia also affects the inner ear, compromising hearing and impacting speech development. Microtia surgery reshapes the ear to enhance its appearance. 

Microtia surgery is highly successful but some patients experience unsatisfactory surgical results, often due to older surgical techniques from a childhood procedure. Individuals who wonder if they can improve the appearance of an old childhood microtia procedure can learn more about the revision of unsatisfactory microtia procedures as offered by Beverly Hills, CA, microtia specialist Dr. John Reinisch.

Reasons for Microtia Revision

The goal of microtia treatment is to reconstruct the outer ear to enhance its shape while maintaining a natural appearance. If necessary, the inner ear can also be treated to improve hearing. Most patients achieve the desired results from ear reconstruction. However, some childhood patients are unhappy with how the ear appears when they enter adulthood. Most often, unsatisfactory microtia treatment results are linked to rib cartilage reconstruction.

Rib cartilage reconstruction was the first available ear reconstruction technique. The procedure uses an implant constructed from donor rib cartilage collected from the patient. Rib cartilage ear reconstruction can provide excellent results but in some cases, the reconstructed ear does not closely resemble the natural ear as the patient grows. Reasons that rib cartilage reconstruction patients may consider microtia revision include:

  • The ear size is disproportionate
  • The reconstructed ear sits too close to the head
  • The appearance of the skin and ear structure changed as the patient aged
  • The surgical implant does not successfully integrate with the surrounding tissue
  • Scar tissue blocks blood flow and causes the skin and underlying ear structure to die

Revision with the MEDPOR® Technique

Rib cartilage ear reconstruction can be revised using the MEDPOR® technique. Dr. Reinisch is the pioneer of the MEDPOR® technique, introduced in 1991. The MEDPOR® technique uses a biocompatible polyethylene implant to act as the ear structure, rather than an implant constructed with the patient’s rib cartilage. The implant is customized to closely match the size, shape, and general appearance of the opposite, natural ear. Dr. Reinisch places the MEDPOR® implant outside the skin and covers it with skin grafts collected from the back of the patient’s scalp.

MEDPOR® Revision Benefits

MEDPOR® revision improves the results of a previous childhood microtia treatment so our Beverly Hills patients feel more confident about their appearance. Because the MEDPOR® technique does not require the collection of rib cartilage, revision can be completed in a single procedure. Additional benefits of MEDPOR® revision include:

  • The implant easily integrates with surrounding tissues and blood vessels
  • Attaching the implant outside the skin makes it easier to place at the proper angle
  • The implant is created to be proportionate to the patient’s natural ear

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Ear reconstruction treats microtia to give patients a proportionate and natural-looking ear. While most microtia surgeries produce successful results, Dr. Reinisch is proud to offer revision for unsatisfactory ear reconstruction procedures. To learn more about the services offered at our Beverly Hills center, contact us online and schedule a consultation at your earliest convenience.

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