2014 Australian Microtia and Atresia Conference

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The Australian Microtia & Atresia Conference is coming up next month on September 6 and 7. Dr. John Reinisch will be a guest speaker at this conference and present on the medpor ear reconstruction method he developed and designed. He will also present on the combined atresia repair and medpor surgery with Dr. Roberson of California Ear Institute.

The first day of the two-day conference will be at the Stuartholme School Auditorium and provide parents and professionals a full day of presentations on treatment options for microtia and atresia. Topics that will be presented during the lecture portion include: audiology, auditory development, atresia repair, implantable technologies, medpor reconstruction, rib graft reconstruction, psychology, speech and language, parent advocacy, and parent and patient panel. The second day of conference is reserved for families who have reserved 10-minute individual consultations with professionals in the microtia and atresia field. A BBQ lunch will be served on Sunday for families to offer an opportunity to meet and connect with other families. Additionally, childcare is available during the conference for a small fee.

Online registration is now open and available at the Hear and Say website. Register today and reserve a  10-minute consultation with Dr. Reinisch.


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