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Visiting Doctors Observing Dr. Reinisch's Medpor Ear Reconstruction

From February to April this year, Dr. Reinisch welcomes the following doctors for surgery observation: Dr. McGee is the head of Microtia ear reconstruction at Children's Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) and Shrine Hospital. His family started Operation Smile 35 years ago. Operation Smile is a famous organization that goes around the world helping children with cleft lip and palate. Even though Dr. McGee performs Medpor ear reconstruction, he likes to come and see the most recent innovations that Dr. Reinisch has developed. Dr. Ken Stuart is the leading Microtia surgeon in Scotland and the Founder Member and Treasurer of International Society of Articular Reconstruction (ISAR). Dr. Walid Sabbagh is one of leading microtia surgeons in England. After seeing Dr. Reinisch's presentation on Medpor ear reconstruction results at last year's European Assocication of Plastic Surgeons meeting, both doctors are interested in performing the Medpor ear reconstruction technique

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Testimonial: Sem is Two Year Post-Medpor - Confident and Happy

We love to hear constant updates from our Microtia families. Sem is a sweet and handsome boy from the Nethertlands who was born with Microtia Atreia. It's been nearly 2 years after Sem's ear reconstruction with Dr. Reinisch. Sem's mother Rachel shares with us Sem's current photos of his reconstructed ear. We are so happy to hear that Sem has gained more self-confidence post-surgery and is now playing football and obtaining good grades at school. We are proud of you, Sem! We are looking forward to seeing Sem, Rachel, and other Microtia Atresia families in May this year at the Netherlands Microtia Atresia conference. If you are interested in attending, please contact Mandy den Boer at to recieve more information.  Rachel writes to Dr. Reinisch below: "Hello Dr. Reinisch, How are you doing? It's been awhile since I sent you a photo of Sem. Sem is very happy with his "big" ear, once in a while he says "I am so hap

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Patient Family Testimonial: Autumn Tripling Confidence Post-Medpor Ear Reconstruction

Autumn is a beautiful girl from Australia who came to Dr. Reinisch to have her right Microtia ear reconstructed last year when she was three years old. Autumn's mother writes us and tells us they are happy with Autumn's ear and that Autumn has been much more confident post-surgery. Typically, Dr. Reinisch recommends the surgery to be performed prior to the patient starting school, in the hopes of preventing teasing from other children. The surgery can be performed as young as three years of age and in most cases, be done as one outpatient surgery with minimal to no pain.  From Autumn's mother Tanya: "Hi Dr. John Reinisch, Hope you are well.  It has nearly been one year since my sweet girl, Autumn has had her surgery. We are so amazed with the results and we can't thank you all enough. I have attached some pictures that were recently taken of Autumn.  I wanted to show you all how amazing her new ear looks. Again, thank y

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Patient Family Testimonial: Ecuador Microtia Patient with Pierced Ear

Rafaela is a beautiful girl from Quito, Ecuador born with right side Atresia Microtia. Rafaela traveled with her family from Quito, Ecuador to Los Angeles in the summer of 2013 to have Medpor ear reconstruction with Dr. Reinisch. Rafaela's mother sends us a recent photo of Rafaela swimming and tells us that their family had a nice mini vacation and wonderful experience while in Los Angeles. We are happy to see Rafaela is doing well and her ear is continuing to look beautiful! Rafaela is seen her wearing earrings. Patients are able to get their ears pierced by Dr. Reinisch during or after Medpor ear reconstruction surgery. There's absolutely no pain!

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Patient Family Testimonial: French Microtia Patient's Ear Recontruction Journey

Lucas is an outgoing and gorgeous boy from France who was born with Atresia Microtia. Lucas's family met Dr. Reinisch a year ago in Brussels and brought Lucas to Los Angeles in December to have Lucas' right ear recontruction surgery with Dr. Reinisch. They are extremely with the result of Lucas' ear and found the process of coordinating the surgery to be easy and smooth and they had no issues in communicating with our office depite not speaking English. Lucas's parents Virginie and Steeve writes to us below: "We thank Dr. Reinisch from the bottom of our heart for his absolutely great and outstanding Medpor ear reconstruction that he performed for our son. We met Dr. Reinisch at a seminar in Brussels a year ago. We decided without hesitation to choose his method of reconstruction. After many years of searching of a way to correct  our son Microtia condition, we feel as parents, that what has been achieved is a revolutionary step. During the y

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Patient Family Testimonial: Hemangioma Removal on Right Shoulder

Megan was just a baby when she had her right shoulder hemangioma removed by Dr. Reinisch in 2003. We are happy to hear from Megan's parents and know what Megan is doing well. "Hello- I wanted to send pictures of Megan for Dr. Reinisch.  Please remind him that he performed Megan's hemangioma removal on her right shoulder back on 2003. We were on the Discovery Chanel with him. We will always be grateful to him. He helped us when no one else was capable. We adore him. Megan is now 13 and very active in musical theater. She will be going to a performing arts high school next year.  She is happy, healthy and thriving. We are thrilled to have found Dr. Kim and knew when we saw Dr. Reinisch's name on the door we were in the right place. Best wishes to him always, Marc and Melissa"

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Visiting MD: Dr. Pirko Maguina from Sacramento, California

Last week, Dr. Pirko Maguina from Sacramento, California came as a visiting doctor and observed Dr. Reinisch's surgeries. Dr. Maguina is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon at Shriners Hospitals for Children in northern California where he provides specialized Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery to children afflicted with burn injuries and pediatric plastic surgery problems from any cause. Dr. Maguina is an Associate Professor in the Department of Surgery at the University of California, Davis Medical Center. A native of Germany, Dr. Maguina is fluent in three languages - German, Spanish, and English - and brings a variety of international experiences to his profession. After living in Europe, Asia, South, Central, and North America, he studies medicine in Lima, Peru before completing his residency training fellowships in the United States. He joined the medical team in Northern California Shriners Hospital in 2008. Dr. Maguina is Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Read more

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