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A Letter From Christina, Beautiful Girl Born with Cavernous Hemangioma Inspiring Others in Need.

Christina Agron was a patient of Dr. Reinisch many years ago. Christina is a beautiful girl who was born with Cavernous Hemangioma and underwent 12 surgeries. In her 20 years journey, she has overcome physical and emotional obstacles and is now inspiring others with her story. She writes to Dr. Reinisch: "Dear. Dr. Reinisch: I would love to share my story with you. My name is Christina Agron and I am currently a college student. I am writing you in hopes that you will help me spread the message of hope to other young people in need.  My stoary spans a period of 20 years as I was born with a Cavernous Hemangioma on my nose which rapidly ate away at the flesh and structure of my nose for the first 9 months of my life. The Hemangioma destroyed my nose in such a way that I had to undergo 12 major surgeries throughout the first 19 years of my life to reconstruct my nose and nasal cavity. In face my first 4 surgeries were performed by you, Dr. Reinisch. And I am fore Read more

Diego Neumaier Visits Dr. Reinisch

Diego is an extremely talented gymnast who competed in Mexico olympics. Diego was born with bilateral Atresia Microtia. It was so nice to see Diego who was missed at the Mexico Conference on Jan 15, 2016 due to his competition in Las Vegas which he came in 4th place (Congratulations, Diego!). Diego was passing through Los Angeles from his trip up north, where he competed with Stanford and other major universities. During his visit, Diego expressed appreciation for his beautiful ears that Dr. Reinisch had created for him. Diego is extremely happy and wishes to thank all of us at Dr. Reinisch's office for the continued good things we're doing for the many children and adult patients. Diego expressed to Dr. Reinisch that without Dr. Reinisch's ongoing dedication and beautiful work the world wouldn’t be the same. Diego thanked Dr. Reinisch and Julie for their continued support and for genuinely caring about all the children born with Microtia and other congenital anoma Read more

Bilateral Microtia Family Testimonial: Jake's Journey of Two Ear Reconstructions with Dr. Reinisch

Jake is an outgoing and cute boy born with bilateral Atresia Microtia. Jake and his family traveled from the Netherlands to Los Angeles and had two Medpor ear reconstruction surgeries with Dr. Reinisch, first surgery in July 2015 and second surgery in December 2015. Jake's family had a wonderful experience staying at the Ronald McDonald House, touring LA, and thanks Dr. Reinisch and team. Jake's mother Mandy shares their story below: "Jake, our three year old son is born with bilateral Microtia Atresia. Last summer we went with our daughter Lente and Jake to America. On July 31th Jake had his first Medpor Earreconstruction by Dr. Reinisch with a great result. On December 14thwas the reconstruction of the other ear, again with a beautiful result. Jake has got two ears just like his friends, how great is that! He’s very happy and proud. During our stay we were able to stay in the Ronald MacDonald House, what a beautiful initiative and what are we thankful t

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Dr. Reinisch Honored at the Egyptian ENT-HNS Delta Conference

This past January, Dr. Reinisch visited Egypt and attended the Egyptian ENT-HNS Delta Conference where he presented on the unsatisfactory microtia reconstruction results and how he developed a newer method for ear reconstruction using Medpor. Last year, Dr. Mohamed Abdel Wahab visited Los Angeles and observed Dr. Reinisch's surgeries for a few months. He was impressed by Dr. Reinisch's highly skilled technique of the Medpor ear reconstruction surgery and when he went back to Egypt he shared his learning experience with his collegues and superiors. He enjoyed Dr. Reinisch's mentoring so much that he invited Dr. Reinisch to the conference where Dr. Reinisch was honored. Dr. Reinisch also had the chance to visit the pyramids and ride camels with his wife Nancy, where they had an enjoyable time.  Dr. Reinisch honored with a plaque at the 2016 Egyptian ENT-HNS Delta Conference Dr. Reinisch and Dr. Dr. Wahab at the 2016 Egyptian ENT-HNS Delta C

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