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Lucas' Ear Reconstruction Journey, a Testimonial by Mother Caroline.

Lucas is a sweet boy who traveled with his family from France for his ear reconstruction. Mother Caroline Jovelin writes the following testimonal. We are happy to hear that the family had a wonderful time in Los Angeles and to be a part of Lucas' ear reconstruction journey! "We learned about Dr. Reinisch and the Medpor method when watching the news in France. A French Family from North of France (The previous French Family of Lucas Licen) was going to the United States to have Dr.Reinisch perform the surgery for their son. The method seemed revolutionary. We looked, and studied Dr. Reinisch website under every angle, a method that requires only one single surgery, which is painless, and that can be performed starting at age three seemed unreal to us, especially when the only presentation we heard for two and half years never mentioned this possibility. Three days after, with my husband we decided to send an email. without much hope. I didn’t think that a s

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