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A little Background on Medpor Ear Reconstruction for Microtia

The goal of outer ear reconstruction is to provide facial balance by creating a, symmetric, long-lasting ear,and aesthetically pleasing ear.

The older method of ear reconstruction uses rib cartilage to create an ear framework. It not only takes multiple stages, but requires a large amount of cartilage, which  delays reconstruction until there is sufficient cartilage available to be able to remove it without causing a noticeable chest deformity. Cartilage ear reconstruction is usually done around ten years of age. Unfortunately, this is when children are in school and have become aware for their facial difference.

A Medpor implant is a porous polyethylene framework that Dr. Reinisch designed and has used for ear reconstruction in children since 1991. The framework allows reconstruction to be done at a young age, before children start school and are exposed to peer comments.

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