2014 Brussels Microtia Conference

Conference in Brussels, Belgium 

We are excited to announce that on September 28th, Dr. Reinisch will be in Brussels, Belgium for a mini microtia conference. The conference will be hosted by David Ryckaert, our microtia patient advocate. The conference will be held at The Hotel from 10am to 4pm and start with lecture by Dr. Reinisch on the medpor ear reconstruction technique he developed, followed by presentations from patient's parents whose child had already gone through the surgery process with Dr. Reinisch, and end with individual one-on-one consultations with Dr. Reinisch. This is a great opportunity for French speaking families to meet Dr. Reinisch and learn about the medpor ear reconstruction technique as there will be French interpreters at the conference to help with translations. To sign up, please email David Ryckaert at david.ryckaert@me.com. 

French Website Now Live

In preparation for the Brussels conference, we have been building our French website. After several weeks of hard work, the French website is now completed and has gone live. French-speaking families can now access our French site to learn about microtia and medpor ear reconstruction. Please visit our French website at fr.drjohnreinisch.com or click on the France flag towards the top of the webpage. We would like to thank Sophie, the French translator and Dyadcom web designs for the helping us with the French website!


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