Patient Testimonial From Russia - Combined Atresia Microtia Surgery

We love hearing from our patients! This is our patient from Moscow. She has bilateral microtia and had a combined Atresia Microtia surgery in her left year in May 2014. She will have another surgery for her right ear this coming spring.

Her family writes: 

"Dear Dr. Reinisch!

Hope you have wonderful Christmas and going to experience Happy New Year!

Christmas is the time of hope and believe in miracles. We always believed something miraculous would happen to us and -- we have met you this passing year. Thank you for giving our daughter the new year and new world.

Thanks to your skill the soul of our daughter revealed itself and never as before -- she is so happy and so eager to help others! You are an amazing doctor and a terrific person!

Lisa has become more confident, sociable, and very happy. We are all so happy and thankful to you again and again for everything!

Let all your dreams come true!"


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