Parent Sharing: 10 years post- Medpor Ear Reconstruction Surgery with Dr. Reinisch

Alma is a passionate patient advocate for Microtia children in Mexico. Each year, Alma, George, Carlos, and Tere help coordinate the annual Atresia Microtia conference in Mexico. Microtia patients and families find support on the social network platform Facebook page the advocates have created called "Microtia Mexico."

Ricky is the son of Alma and George. It has been 10 years since Ricky's Medpor ear reconstruction with Dr. Reinisch and 5 years since atresia repair with Dr. Roberson. We recieved a wonderful email from Alma that reads:

"Dear Doctors,

I am sending you this pictures 10 years after the first surgery and 5 after the surgery with Dr Roberson.
We can't Thank you both enough for changing our lives and for your friendship.

Our warmest regards.
Ricky, George, and Alma"

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