2016 Conference Schedule

Each year, Dr. Reinisch travels all over the world to lecture at conferences and provide one-on-one consultation for Medpor microtia ear reconstruction surgery. Please see below for a list of 2016 conference schedule and "save the date." We will be posting reminders of upcoming conferences a few months prior to the actual conference date. To sign up for the following conferences, please visit www.atresiarepair.com

Jan 16/17 - Mexico

March 19/20 - Beijing, China

May 14/15 - Russia

May 21- Holland

June 11/12 - Shenzen, China

July 15-17 - USA, Florida

Sept 17/18 - Australia

Oct 14/16 - Korea and Shanghai, China

In addition to the above conferences, Dr. Reinisch has been invited to speak in the following cities. We will be posting more information on location and details once the dates are near.

Egypt on 1/28/16

Tokyo on 9/17/15

Boston on 10/18/16

If you have any questions, please email Alice Ting, Dr. Reinisch's Physician Practice Coordinator at tinga@cshs.org

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