A Letter From Christina, Beautiful Girl Born with Cavernous Hemangioma Inspiring Others in Need. By Alice Ting, MPH ACSW on February 10, 2016

Christina Agron was a patient of Dr. Reinisch many years ago. Christina is a beautiful girl who was born with Cavernous Hemangioma and underwent 12 surgeries. In her 20 years journey, she has overcome physical and emotional obstacles and is now inspiring others with her story. She writes to Dr. Reinisch:

"Dear. Dr. Reinisch:

I would love to share my story with you. My name is Christina Agron and I am currently a college student. I am writing you in hopes that you will help me spread the message of hope to other young people in need. 

My stoary spans a period of 20 years as I was born with a Cavernous Hemangioma on my nose which rapidly ate away at the flesh and structure of my nose for the first 9 months of my life. The Hemangioma destroyed my nose in such a way that I had to undergo 12 major surgeries throughout the first 19 years of my life to reconstruct my nose and nasal cavity. In face my first 4 surgeries were performed by you, Dr. Reinisch. And I am forever grateful! Yoou can see a few of my pictures in the attached post card. 

As you can imagine my journey was extremely painful, not just physically, but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually as well. Growing up I had to deal with self-esteem issues as my facial deformity molded my self-image and self-worth. In school I was made fun of due to my deformity which even caused me to question...

Why was I born? Why was I created this way? Do I have a purpose?

I had to learn to change my focus and stop defining who I was through my deformity. As I changed my focus I gained a better understanding of my purpose. I could reach others dealing with low self0image and low self-worth by sharing with them my sotry. In an age where the media's portrayal of beauty and worth is based on having the perfect face and body, I have proposed in my heart to help others change their focus as well. 

I first shared my story in a special service at Lion of Judah Church where there were approximately 500 in attendance. Afterwards many shared with me that they too felt as I did and that my sotry had changed the way they now saw themselves. 

I continue to get the same feedback everywhere I go and I feel so incredibly humbled that my trials have helped the way for others. That is why Lion of Judah Church has agreed to help me share my message. 

If you are aware of any organization that could benefit with my further about a speaking engagement please contact 609-280-1310.

I look forward to hearing from you soon. 

Sharing the Message of Hope,

Christina Agron"

For speaking engagements, please contact Christina. We'd like to applaud Christina for the wonderful work she is doing to help others in need.



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