Patient Family Testimonial: Autumn Tripling Confidence Post-Medpor Ear Reconstruction

Autumn is a beautiful girl from Australia who came to Dr. Reinisch to have her right Microtia ear reconstructed last year when she was three years old. Autumn's mother writes us and tells us they are happy with Autumn's ear and that Autumn has been much more confident post-surgery. Typically, Dr. Reinisch recommends the surgery to be performed prior to the patient starting school, in the hopes of preventing teasing from other children. The microtia treatment can be performed as young as three years of age and in most cases, be done as one outpatient surgery with minimal to no pain. 

From Autumn's mother Tanya:

"Hi Dr. John Reinisch,

Hope you are well. It has nearly been one year since my sweet girl, Autumn has had her surgery. We are so amazed with the results and we can't thank you all enough. I have attached some pictures that were recently taken of Autumn. I wanted to show you all how amazing her new ear looks. Again, thank you...words can't describe how happy and grateful we are, especially Autumn. Autumn is just so happy having two big ears now, her confidence has tripled since the surgery. We could be in California around April/May this year, if we do we will pop in and say hi to you all.

God bless,


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