Visiting Doctors Observing Dr. Reinisch's Medpor Ear Reconstruction

From February to April this year, Dr. Reinisch welcomes the following doctors for surgery observation:

Dr. McGee is the head of Microtia ear reconstruction at Children's Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) and Shrine Hospital. His family started Operation Smile 35 years ago. Operation Smile is a famous organization that goes around the world helping children with cleft lip and palate. Even though Dr. McGee performs Medpor ear reconstruction, he likes to come and see the most recent innovations that Dr. Reinisch has developed.

Dr. Ken Stuart is the leading Microtia surgeon in Scotland and the Founder Member and Treasurer of International Society of Articular Reconstruction (ISAR). Dr. Walid Sabbagh is one of leading microtia surgeons in England. After seeing Dr. Reinisch's presentation on Medpor ear reconstruction results at last year's European Assocication of Plastic Surgeons meeting, both doctors are interested in performing the Medpor ear reconstruction technique.  

Dr. George Hoerr is the head of plastic surgery at King's Daughters' Children's Hospital in Virginia and trained with Dr. Reinisch 20 years ago. Dr. Hoerr comes once every year to see new surgery innovations developed by Dr. Reinisch. 



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