A little Background on Medpor Ear Reconstruction for Microtia By Dr. John Reinisch on January 30, 2017

The goal of outer ear reconstruction for microtia treatment is to provide facial balance by creating a, symmetric, long-lasting ear,and aesthetically pleasing ear.

The older method of ear reconstruction uses rib cartilage to create an ear framework. It not only takes multiple stages, but requires a large amount of cartilage, which  delays reconstruction until there is sufficient cartilage available to be able to remove it without causing a noticeable chest deformity. Cartilage ear reconstruction is usually done around ten years of age. Unfortunately, this is when children are in school and have become aware for their microtia and facial difference.

A Medpor implant is a porous polyethylene framework that Dr. Reinisch designed and has used for ear reconstruction in children since 1991. The framework allows reconstruction to be done at a young age, before children start school and are exposed to peer comments.  This is possible because the growth of the normal ear reaches 85% of adult size by 3.5 years.  The use of a large fascia flap provides enough soft tissue coverage so that the reconstructed ear can match the projection of the opposite ear. Thus, the use of an implant allows an early, single stage, and painless reconstruction.  Furthermore, by eliminating the discomfort of the costal cartilage harvest, an alloplastic implant reconstruction can be done as an outpatient with its obvious psychological and economic advantages.

In contrast to the cartilage reconstruction, a Medpor implant requires a different type of soft tissue coverage to avoid complications. Through his experience, Dr. Reinisch learned that covering the entire implant with a thin layer of living tissue could reduce complications to a very low rate. 

Dr. Reinisch is the developer of the Medpor ear reconstruction method. His technique was perfected with his experience with over 1500 patients to give the most attractive and long lasting results. Dr. Reinisch is the world leader in Medpor ear reconstruction. He currently performs ear surgery five days a week and has the largest experience with Medpor ear reconstruction.  He has received international recognition for his work. In the last two years, both the prestigious American Association of Plastic Surgery and the European Association of Plastic Surgery honored him. In 2016, Dr. Reinisch was named the Clinician Of The Year by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

During the past two years, over one hundred surgeons from around the world have come to Los Angeles to watch Dr. Reinisch perform his method of ear reconstruction.  Of these visiting surgeons, Dr. Reinisch invited Dr. Youssef Tahiri to join him and continue the practice of Medpor Ear Reconstruction for Microtia. Dr. Tahiri trained at the renowned Children Hospital of Philadelphia and the University of Pennsylvania. He has published over 70 medical articles and has presented his work at numerous regional, national and international scientific meetings.

Dr. Reinisch and Dr. Tahiri continue to be at the forefront of ear reconstruction and are now working with the two leading research teams developing 3D printing of cartilage cells. This will allow them to offer the most advanced and up to date surgical treatment for Microtia.


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