Can the Ear Canal and External Ear Be Reconstructed at the Same Time? By Dr. John Reinisch on March 15, 2024

Adult cupping toddler's ear after microtia treatment

If your child suffers from microtia and aural atresia, you want the safest, most effective solution possible. If you’ve researched treatments, you might be curious whether addressing both concerns is feasible with one surgical procedure. Fortunately, the answer is yes. I partner with an experienced otologist to combine ear reconstruction with aural atresia repair. Combined Atresia MEDPOR® (CAM) surgery offers tremendous benefits to patients at our Beverly Hills, CA, practice. Unlike many other types of ear reconstruction, I designed MEDPOR to be a single-stage surgery. This makes it especially beneficial for combining with other treatments. In this blog post, we’ll look at the two procedures more closely and review the advantages of combining treatments.

How Does Atresia Repair Work?

During aural atresia or atresia repair, the middle ear is reconstructed. This involves creating a channel running through the temporal bone and into the middle ear. This channel mimics the function of an ear canal. Next, the otologist will use skin taken from the patient’s skull to create an eardrum.

Combining the Procedure With Ear Reconstruction

I will work closely alongside the otologist, beginning the reconstruction of the outer ear once their treatment is complete.

Similar to the reconstruction of the inner portions of the ear, I’ll use a skin graft taken from the patient’s scalp. Beneath this graft, I’ll secure a microporous high-density polyethylene implant. Because the implant and MEDPOR ear framework are biocompatible, during the healing process, the patient’s blood vessels and skin will naturally integrate with them. The end result is an incredibly natural-looking and feeling ear with virtually undetectable scarring.

Benefits of Combining Treatments

Both ear reconstruction and atresia repair are very safe procedures. That said, every surgical procedure involves some degree of risk. By performing fewer surgeries, we’re able to greatly reduce the chance of complications. Consider these additional benefits:

Less Need for Anesthesia

My Beverly Hills team works with several board-certified pediatric anesthesiologists to implement the highest safety standards. Even with safeguards in place, placing anyone under general anesthesia – especially a young child – has the potential to create complications. By combining procedures, we can lessen the number of times that your child needs to receive anesthesia.

Shorter Recovery Time

Surgical procedures require the patient to rest and recuperate at home, taking time off from things like school and certain activities. Caregivers, as well, will need to be available during these times. By undergoing ear reconstruction and atresia repair at the same time, we can dramatically reduce the amount of time parents or other caregivers need to spend home with the child. And we can get our patients back to doing the things they love that much more quickly as well.

Cost Savings

By combining procedures, there is potential to save on your out-of-pocket costs. For example, hospital and anesthesia fees could be reduced if your child requires just one surgical procedure instead of two or more.

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I authored the Modern Microtia Textbook and have treated over 4,000 microtia patients, among other distinctions. We’d love to meet with you during a consultation at our Beverly Hills office. Message our office today with any questions or to request your initial evaluation.

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