A little Background on Medpor Ear Reconstruction for Microtia

The goal of outer ear reconstruction is to provide facial balance by creating a, symmetric, long-lasting ear,and aesthetically pleasing ear.

The older method of ear reconstruction…

Posted by Dr. John Reinisch on Jan 30, 2017

Lucas' Ear Reconstruction Journey, a Testimonial by Mother Caroline.

Lucas is a sweet boy who traveled with his family from France for his ear reconstruction. Mother Caroline Jovelin writes the following testimonal. We are…

Posted by Alice Ting, MPH ACSW on May 06, 2016

Visiting Doctors Observing Dr. Reinisch's Medpor Ear Reconstruction

From February to April this year, Dr. Reinisch welcomes the following doctors for surgery observation: Dr. McGee is the head of Microtia ear reconstruction at…

Posted by Alice Ting, MPH ACSW on Mar 29, 2016

Testimonial: Sem is Two Year Post-Medpor - Confident and Happy

We love to hear constant updates from our Microtia families. Sem is a sweet and handsome boy from the Nethertlands who was born with Microtia…

Posted by Alice Ting, MPH ACSW on Mar 25, 2016

Patient Family Testimonial: Autumn Tripling Confidence Post-Medpor Ear Reconstruction

Autumn is a beautiful girl from Australia who came to Dr. Reinisch to have her right Microtia ear reconstructed last year when she was three…

Posted by Alice Ting, MPH ACSW on Mar 23, 2016

Patient Family Testimonial: Ecuador Microtia Patient with Pierced Ear

Rafaela is a beautiful girl from Quito, Ecuador born with right side Atresia Microtia. Rafaela traveled with her family from Quito, Ecuador to Los Angeles…

Posted by Alice Ting, MPH ACSW on Mar 08, 2016

Patient Family Testimonial: French Microtia Patient's Ear Recontruction Journey

Lucas is an outgoing and gorgeous boy from France who was born with Atresia Microtia. Lucas's family met Dr. Reinisch a year ago in Brussels…

Posted by Alice Ting, MPH ACSW on Mar 07, 2016

Patient Family Testimonial: Hemangioma Removal on Right Shoulder

Megan was just a baby when she had her right shoulder hemangioma removed by Dr. Reinisch in 2003. We are happy to hear from Megan's…

Posted by Alice Ting, MPH ACSW on Mar 07, 2016

Visiting MD: Dr. Pirko Maguina from Sacramento, California

Last week, Dr. Pirko Maguina from Sacramento, California came as a visiting doctor and observed Dr. Reinisch's surgeries. Dr. Maguina is a plastic and reconstructive…

Posted by Alice Ting, MPH ACSW on Mar 07, 2016

A Letter From Christina, Beautiful Girl Born with Cavernous Hemangioma Inspiring Others in Need.

Christina Agron was a patient of Dr. Reinisch many years ago. Christina is a beautiful girl who was born with Cavernous Hemangioma and underwent 12…

Posted by Alice Ting, MPH ACSW on Feb 10, 2016

Dr. John Reinisch, MD

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  • Exceptionally well-qualified
  • Graduate of Harvard Medical School
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  • Created the MEDPOR® technique in 1991
  • Has successfully treated over 20,000 children 

Patients come from across the country and around the world to benefit from his expert care. To schedule your consultation, contact our office online or call us at (310) 385-6090. Spanish speakers can contact Lilian Chavez & for any surgical scheduling questions. For Mandarin speakers please contact Michelle Yang

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