Microtia and Aural Atresia Surgery Los Angeles

What Are the Long-Term Effects of Untreated Microtia?

Left untreated, microtia can have serious effects ranging from feelings of loneliness to speech delays. Treatment is available. Learn how microtia surgery can be positively life-changing…

Posted by Dr. John Reinisch on Feb 27, 2024

Can Microtia Be Detected During Pregnancy with an Ultrasound?

Microtia specialist Dr. John Reinisch discusses the possibility of using ultrasound to detect microtia during pregnancy and how that may benefit patients.

Posted by Dr. John Reinisch on Jan 15, 2024

Treating Unilateral and Bilateral Microtia: What You Should Know

Dr. John Reinisch provides an overview of treatment options for unilateral and bilateral microtia, a congenital deformity of the ear. 

Posted by Dr. John Reinisch on Dec 31, 2023

National Microtia Awareness Day: Answers to Common Questions

As part of National Microtia Awareness Day, we’re providing some answers to common questions about microtia, aural atresia, and ear reconstruction surgery.

Posted by Dr. John Reinisch on Nov 09, 2023

How Aural Atresia and Anotia Affect Speech Development in Children

Aural atresia and anotia can both affect a child’s speech development. Let’s consider why that is and discuss treatment options to create a new ear…

Posted by Dr. John Reinisch on Oct 25, 2023

Anotia: Understanding Grade 4 Microtia

Anotia is Type 4 microtia. Let’s discuss what the signs are, what the condition means for your child’s hearing, and what treatment options are available.

Posted by Dr. John Reinisch on Sep 13, 2023

What Are the Psychological Effects of Microtia?

Microtia can affect your child’s self-image and psychosocial abilities. Let’s look at studies on the psychological effects of the condition and how surgery can help.

Posted by Dr. John Reinisch on Aug 13, 2023

Can My Child Have Normal Hearing with Microtia?

If your child has microtia, they will experience some degree of hearing loss. Let’s explain why that is and what Dr. John Reinisch can do…

Posted by Dr. John Reinisch on Jul 15, 2023

Five Advantages of Cartilage Reconstruction for Microtia Patients

Dr. John Reinisch performs microtia reconstruction to treat a small or misshapen ear. Here he discusses five advantages of rib cartilage in microtia patients. If…

Posted by Dr. John Reinisch on Jun 21, 2023

Ear Reconstruction for Microtia

Ear reconstruction helps patients who were born with microtia achieve a sense of normalcy. Here’s what to expect from start to finish.

Posted by Dr. John Reinisch on May 09, 2023

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