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Diego Neumaier Visits Dr. Reinisch

Diego is an extremely talented gymnast who competed in Mexico olympics. Diego was born with bilateral Atresia Microtia. It was so nice to see Diego who was missed at the Mexico Conference on Jan 15, 2016 due to his competition in Las Vegas which he came in 4th place (Congratulations, Diego!). Diego was passing through Los Angeles from his trip up north, where he competed with Stanford and other major universities. During his visit, Diego expressed appreciation for his beautiful ears that Dr. Reinisch had created for him. Diego is extremely happy and wishes to thank all of us at Dr. Reinisch's office for the continued good things we're doing for the many children and adult patients. Diego expressed to Dr. Reinisch that without Dr. Reinisch's ongoing dedication and beautiful work the world wouldn’t be the same. Diego thanked Dr. Reinisch and Julie for their continued support and for genuinely caring about all the children born with Microtia and other congenital anoma Read more

Bilateral Microtia Family Testimonial: Jake's Journey of Two Ear Reconstructions with Dr. Reinisch

Jake is an outgoing and cute boy born with bilateral Atresia Microtia. Jake and his family traveled from the Netherlands to Los Angeles and had two Medpor ear reconstruction surgeries with Dr. Reinisch, first surgery in July 2015 and second surgery in December 2015. Jake's family had a wonderful experience staying at the Ronald McDonald House, touring LA, and thanks Dr. Reinisch and team. Jake's mother Mandy shares their story below: "Jake, our three year old son is born with bilateral Microtia Atresia. Last summer we went with our daughter Lente and Jake to America. On July 31th Jake had his first Medpor Earreconstruction by Dr. Reinisch with a great result. On December 14thwas the reconstruction of the other ear, again with a beautiful result. Jake has got two ears just like his friends, how great is that! He’s very happy and proud. During our stay we were able to stay in the Ronald MacDonald House, what a beautiful initiative and what are we thankful t

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Dr. Reinisch Honored at the Egyptian ENT-HNS Delta Conference

This past January, Dr. Reinisch visited Egypt and attended the Egyptian ENT-HNS Delta Conference where he presented on the unsatisfactory microtia reconstruction results and how he developed a newer method for ear reconstruction using Medpor. Last year, Dr. Mohamed Abdel Wahab visited Los Angeles and observed Dr. Reinisch's surgeries for a few months. He was impressed by Dr. Reinisch's highly skilled technique of the Medpor ear reconstruction surgery and when he went back to Egypt he shared his learning experience with his collegues and superiors. He enjoyed Dr. Reinisch's mentoring so much that he invited Dr. Reinisch to the conference where Dr. Reinisch was honored. Dr. Reinisch also had the chance to visit the pyramids and ride camels with his wife Nancy, where they had an enjoyable time.  Dr. Reinisch honored with a plaque at the 2016 Egyptian ENT-HNS Delta Conference Dr. Reinisch and Dr. Dr. Wahab at the 2016 Egyptian ENT-HNS Delta C

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Testimonial: Previous Medpor with Another Surgeon and Complications

Rylan is a sweet boy born with Microtia Atresia. He has had a history of multiple previous Medpor ear reconstructive surgeries resulting in exposures and infections with another surgeon in a different state. Four months ago, Dr. Reinisch reconstructed Rylan's ear using the Medpor ear reconstructive surery he developed and the result was a success.

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Patient Testimonial: Previous Rib Cartilage Ear Reconstruction

Cedar Torrico is a handsome young man from Bolivia who has had a previous rib cartilage ear reconstruction with unsatisfactory result. He came Los Angeles last year and had Medpor ear reconstruction with Dr. Reinisch and is very happy with his new ear. He recently wrote to us: "I'm César from Bolivia. December 9, 2014 I entered the operating room with great faith and God's hand, confident that everything will go well. After a few hours, thanks to Dr. John Reinisch, I woke up and from that moment my life changed. Today I'm a person who feels secure, confident and am very happy since. Men who are occupied in the restoration of health to other men, by the joint exertion of skill and humanity, are above all the great of the earth. They even partake of divinity, since to preserve and renew is almost as noble as to create. Thank you so much Dr. John Reinisch, Mitzi Quintero and Julie Salas. God bless you."

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Patient Family Testimonial: Bilateral Microtia Atresia Patient From China

Hongyi is a sweet boy from Chengdu, China born with bilateral Atresia Microtia. He and his parents traveled to Los Angeles in 2014 for left ear reconstruction and again earlier this year for right ear reconstruction with Dr. Reinisch. Hongyi's mother writes to us: "Dear Dr. Reinisch and dear Alice, good morning. Long time no see. Do you remember Hongyi? :) We started elementary in September this year, he is now a cute student. We are grateful for Dr. Reinisch as you are like an angel and gave Hongyi a pair of beautiful Medpor ears, our whole family is thankful for Dr. Reinisch's superb medical skills and Alice's nice help through the surgery process. Winter has begun in Chengdu and today the weather is very nice. I've attached Hongyi's photos I'd like to share with you. Wishing you happiness daily!"   

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Alice on Leave Till September

Hi Everyone,  This is Alice Ting, Dr. Reinisch's Physician Practice Coordinator. I will be out on maternity leave starting tomorrow and returning in mid-September. Should you need assistance, please call our office directly at 310-385-6090. Patients and/or families who need Mandarin translation may ask to speak to Trinh Ly.  Additionally, you may reach our staff at their email and direct line. Please see this link for a list of our office staff and their contact information: Best, Alice Ting, MPH ACSW Read more

Dr. Reinisch Performs Microtia Ear Reconstruction Surgery on Mending Kids Patients

This past Saturday, on July 11th, Dr. Reinisch and Dr. Jumper performed ear reconstruction cases for Mending Kids International. Gene Simmons of KISS band came and supported at the event by speaking to the kids getting surgeries. Mending Kids International's mission is: to provide life-changing surgical care to children worldwide. Over the years, through Mending Kids International, thousands of children have recieved corrective, transformational surgeries that have given them a chance at longer, healthier and happier lives. For more information on Mending Kids International, please visit their website at:   

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2015 Russia Microtia and Atresia Conference

April 25th, 2015 was the first time the Mictoria Atresia conference was held in Russia. The conference was hosted by Alexandra Orlovskaya, a patient's parent of Dr. Reinisch and Dr. Roberson. The conference was held at the Marriot Moscow Royal Aurora Hotel and had a successful turnout with more than 40 families in attendance. Conference attendees listened to lectures by Dr. Reinisch on the Medpor ear reconstruction for Microtia and by Dr. Roberson on Atresia repair surgery. The conference was followed by one-on-one consultations for patients to have their CT scans evaulated and discuss surgery treatment plans with the two world-renowned doctors. Next year, the conference in Russia is tenatively set for May 14th and 15th. If you are interested in attending the conference, please look out for updates for conference information on our blog and social media. Conference sign up is available at when conference date nears. Below, please find photos from the confer Read more

2016 Conference Schedule

Each year, Dr. Reinisch travels all over the world to lecture at conferences and provide one-on-one consultation for Medpor microtia ear reconstruction surgery. Please see below for a list of 2016 conference schedule and "save the date." We will be posting reminders of upcoming conferences a few months prior to the actual conference date. To sign up for the following conferences, please visit Jan 16/17 - Mexico March 19/20 - Beijing  May 14/15 - Russia May 21- Holland June 11/12 - China  (Shenzen) July 15-17 - USA, Florida? Sept 17/18 - Australia Oct 14/16 - Korea/Shanghai In addition to the above conferences, Dr. Reinisch has been invited to speak in the following cities. We will be posting more information on location and details once the dates are near. Egypt on 1/28/16 Tokyo on 9/17/15 Boston on 10/18/16 If you have any questions, please email Alice Ting, D

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